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This Ethereum fork is fast and cheap, and it will give Ethereum a run for its money. If you’re a crypto OG, I know you’re tired of the “ETH Killer” narrative. PulseChain is not that. These forks can coexist, and one can take load off the other. Before you roll your eyes, read on. You won’t want to miss this…

The Problem: ETH gas is too damn high. Founder Vitalik Buterin said himself that transactions shouldn't be over 5 cents. 4 years later, ETH has become a whale party. This kills mass adoption of new people into crypto. A crypto…

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Cryptocurrency is once again blasting its way into the mainstream media as Bitcoin rocketed past its previous highs to the unimaginable level of $40,000. There’s a good chance that people you talk to have heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, but a much smaller chance that they’ve actually used it. Why?

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is severely underserved in two critical aspects: User Experience (UX) and self-sovereignty.

The Problem:

Popular cryptocurrency apps have evolved over the years, such as Coinbase and Celsius. These crypto apps actually do a good job of UX, and are great for onboarding new users into the world of crypto…

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In 1865, the gas car was invented. People were shocked and frightened by its ability to go 14mph — 8mph more than the average speed of the horse and buggy. The full potential of the gas car was suppressed via the “Red Flag Law”. This law required all cars to have a minimum of 3 drivers, drive no faster than 4mph, and be preceded by a man on foot holding a lantern and waving a red flag.

Cenophobia is the fear of anything new, and has persisted throughout the history of mankind (not fear of John Cena, which would be…

This will be Part 1 of 2 articles, first explaining how to accept regular Bitcoin payments at your WooCommerce store, and then how to accepting Lightning Network payments (which is still Bitcoin — I’ll explain more when we get there) in part 2. I’ll share personal learnings from my journey and my site too.

Why Should I?

  • Save on costs: As an e-commerce merchant, accepting Bitcoin payments is simply cheaper on your side. Big credit cards and payment processors charge 2–3% which can really add up depending on your volume of sales. Bitcoin payments are paid based on the speed in which you…

Chris Hemsworth will help people pay your Lightning node

If you’re an early experimenter of the Bitcoin Lightning Network like me, you’ve probably quickly run into the issue of getting inbound channels opened to you to create receivable capacity. Thankfully there are companies like Bitrefill working to overcome these pain points.

The Problem with Lightning

This issue of inbound capacity becomes especially important if you have an e-commerce store like me. When I first started, users had to open a channel directly to me since my node was not well-connected to have enough inbound capacity for customer’s transactions (not a great user experience). One of the critical obstacles of the Lightning Network today…

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For those with an eye on the crypto space, especially those that got burned in the 2018 bear market, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about the next big thing that’s “better than Bitcoin”. With a click-bait title like this, I’m not doing myself any favors. I’ve been involved in the space since 2015, and tried everything from mining to trading to blogging — basically everything besides printing my own altcoin. I’ve been through scams, false hope, delusions of overnight trading success, and more. Believe me when I say at this point I’m about as skeptical as it gets.


If you’re already deep down the bitcoin rabbit hole and looking to experiment with setting up your own personal lightning node, then this article is for you. This will be written for implementation with Windows 10, and will require your device or external drive to have over 200GB of storage space available.

What is the Lightning Network?

The lightning network is a “Layer 2” solution on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. It allows for p2p, near-instant, and unfairly cheap transactions. This is done by running a Lightning node which is funded with a smaller quantity of Bitcoin, that can open up payment channels to other…

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